Integrative Healing Sessions

Offered by Both Practitioners

Integrative Healing Sessions are a combination of Somatic Therapy, Energy Work, and Spiritual Life Coaching. They can be done virtually via Zoom or in-person. Our philosophy and guidance integrates several holistic healing modalities and teachings from the Earth to facilitate wellness in a holistic manner that embodies the body, mind, heart, and soul. Approaching health in this way empowers us to take charge of our own healing and tap into our self healing abilities. Unlike traditional medicine that typically only looks at the physical symptoms we're experiencing, this style of healing helps us to find and clear the root of the issue; whether that be physical pain, illness, emotional imbalances, limiting beliefs, or energetic blockages.

These sessions are customized to your unique needs and we will utilize the modalities that are going to bring in the highest healing for you in that moment. To give you a relative idea, these sessions usually starts with talking about where you are and setting the intention of what you'd like to release and what you'd like to bring more of into your life, and then are a combination of breath work and Energy Medicine for overall balancing, clearing, and charging. Energy Medicine is a powerful healing modality because it taps into the energy and connection between the body, heart, soul, and mind and allows us to find relief on all four aspects of our being. That is why it is at the basis of all services we provide.

90 minute Integrative Healing Session: $110

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