Integrative Massage Therapy

Offered by Both Practitioners

Integrative Massage Therapy combines the hand-on work of Massage and the healing power of Energy Medicine. These sessions are only done in-person at our office in Clayton, MO. Combining Energy Medicine with your massage will help you to find more relief from tension, stress, and pain than your standard massage.

A typical session will start with setting an intention and specifying the areas of your body you'd like to focus on. We will include your chosen massage modality in the session along with Energy Medicine performed throughout the course of the massage.

Energy Medicine is a powerful healing modality because it taps into the energy and connection between the body, heart, soul, and mind and allows us to find relief on all four aspects of our being. That is why it is at the basis of all services we provide.

Massage Modalities Offered:

Myofascial Release
Swedish Massage
Soft Tissue
Prenatal Massage
Cupping Therapy
Hot Stone Massage

60 minute for Individuals: $80
90 minutes for Individuals: $110

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