Earth Living Services

Sessions offered by Megan

  • Conscious Relationship/Family Healing
  • Health Sovereignty
  • Womb Activation
  • Prenatal Massage
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Sessions offered by Ryan

  • Thai Yoga Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage

***Be sure to select Ryan as your Practitioner when on his booking site linked below***

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Integrative Massage Therapy

Hands-on Massage integrated with the power of Energy Medicine. This type of session is often used to relieve pain and tightness, release trapped emotions and energetic blockages within the body, and support holistic self care. Offered as a 60 or 90 Minute session.

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Energy Healing Session

A combination of Somatic Therapy, Energy Medicine, and Spiritual Life Coaching. These sessions are often used for deep holistic(mind+body+heart+soul) healing of pain, illness, emotional imbalances, and energetic blockages from past trauma and trapped emotions. Offered as a 90 minute session.

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Womb Healing Session

A two hour ceremony centered around clearing your womb space; the seat of feminine divinity and... the emotional junk drawer. Womb Healing is often used to heal from painful or irregular cycles, reoccuring infection, pregnancy or birth complications, emotional imbalance, and sexual trauma.

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