Womb Healing Session

Offered by Megan

Womb Activation is the process of tapping into the energy of your womb space, releasing energetic blockages, and rebalancing the natural rhythms of the energies inside your womb. This can help you start to come into a more balanced, vital version of yourself with a deep connection to your inner power and feminine divinity.

Womb Activation may call out to you if you experience any of signs of womb wounds listed below or you are just looking for a way to get more in touch with your feminine divinity, self care practices, or personal power.

Below is a general outline of the session, including the modalities we will be utilizing. The time amounts and exact order are guestimations, we wil follow the flow of your energy and what is needed most for your highest healing in that moment.

15 Minute Setting Intentions and Opening the Space

30 Minute Yoni Steam(unless 0-36 weeks pregnant or currently bleeding)

30 Minute Belly Massage(45 minutes if can't do yoni steam)

30 Minute Energy Medicine Session(45 minutes if can't do yoni steam)

15 Minute Integration Period and Closing the Space

Please see the FAQ page for a description of each of these modalities if you are unfamiliar and would like to know more. I ask that, if possible, you clear out at least a few hours of your schedule after the session to continue the integration process and just relax.

Womb Information

When we clear the energy of the womb, we start to see healing on all of the aspects on our being; mind, body, heart, and soul.

The womb is the seed of our femininity—our sensuality, our sexuality, our feelings about ourselves as women—or however we experience our femininity. Our womb is also considered a sacred spiritual centre, a source of intuition, emotional well-being, and physical vitality. It is the location of the sacral chakra, an energy center related to pleasure, creativity, joy, and passion.

Part of us may want to reject our own femininity—it is not a quality that we see as powerful in our culture, and some of us turn from it in order to be seen and heard better, for example. For the many women who have experienced sexual trauma, there may be a sense of our femininity having betrayed us, having made us more vulnerable to violence.

Our womb space is the deepest place in our body where the deepest things are stored. Trapped emotions, past traumas sexual or not, and sister wounds can be held in our womb and manifested as illness or imbalnce in our lives, more womb wounds are listed below.

When our sacred womb space is activated, we feel and trust in our personal power. We are in touch with our gifts and find clarity on our life path and souls mission. It's like going trough a portal, a vortex of abundance. Abundance of love, peace, money, joy, fulfillment.

Activating our womb space and clearing out past experiences makes space for us to hold new ones. There we can expand our capacity to recieve and hold the abundance of our desires.

Pregnant or Planning to Become Pregnant

It is extremely beneficial for women who are planning to get pregnant or are currently pregnant to create a clear, welcoming space for new life to grow. This can be beneficial for the birthing woman, baby, and entire family. Womb clearing will help to balance the feminine and masculine energy within the family by allowing the woman to step further into her feminine power and bring that nuturance to herself and those around her. It will also allow the baby to be brought into a more clear, wholesome, and vital energy.

Signs of Womb Wounds

Limiting beliefs
Lack of confidence
Lack of safety
Overactive or obsessive thought patterns
Fears around childbirth or mothering

Pregnancy and childbirth complications
Irregular cycles or other menstrual issues
Vaginal or urinary tract infections

Bi-polar disorder
Disconnected from your intuition
Overall emotional imbalances
Feeling disconnected from those around you

Feeling disconnected or in competition with other women
Lack of self love

Feeling lost in your direction of life
Feeling out of touch with your personal power
Feeling out of touch with your feminine divinity

These are just a few signs of womb wounds, I encourage you to follow your intuition if you experience something different than is on this list and feel your womb is calling out for more love and attention.

2 Hour Womb Activation Session: $222

DO NOT STEAM before 36 weeks in your pregnancy, if you're on your moon cycle, or experiencing postpartum bleeding.

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